LAB122 Rantepao pool orgy. Oh, & dead bodies

LAB-artwork JKT-continuation from last episode, where I was at the funeral in Toraja… the bullock had been butchered, and I explain just why they keep the dead people around for 5 years!

After all that blood and guts, (and pigs squeeling as they are stabbed), we return to the hotel pool to wash off. Hmm, well luckily the water was cold, cause it saved me needing a cold shower! 😉 Man, there was some hotties.
– “Is 17 too young?” That is the question for today.

We also visit some (MANY) grave sights, mausoleums, decayed coffins, and way too many skeletons and skulls lying about the place. “I see dead people”
OH, and you will not want to miss the tree full of… dead babies! :-O

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LAB121 Toraja – funeral blood bath

LAB-artwork JKTThis is the ‘middle’ part of my Indonesian holiday – to Tana Toraja area of Sulawesi. 🙂
Join me as I bump my way 8 hours north from Makassar to Rantepao. Luckily we do it in style in a chartered mini-bus this time.
Once in Rantepao, come with us as we go to day 2 of a big funeral party for 2 people. The old lady died FIVE years ago, and her nephew died one year ago…. yet the funeral was today!
This is an enhanced podcast, so you can enjoy the sights of Sulawesi, even if you can’t enjoy the sounds and smells. Oh, and be warned – there are some graphic photos in this podcast.

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PS- part 2 of this will be posted tomorrow. enjoy!

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LAB11X Indo surprise podcast

LAB-artwork purisurprise! Here is a podcast while I am in Indonesia. Aren’t you lucky?
Ride with me in Mong-mongi as I return from Roy’s house, where I had a delicious Korean feast tonight. Yes, bul go-gi.
I also chat about the frustrations of trying to organise our Indo trip today (31 January). Friend’s girlyfriend suddenly re-questioning all we’d planned weeks ago. Urgh

The end of this recording has some secret covert recording of the white trash mothers bitching & shouting at their kids as they sat behind me on the bus last week. Those poor kids, what chance do they have in life?

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ps- Are you missing me? 😉

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LAB112 planz4 Indonesia… gettin there very slowly

LABSunday night in BrisVegas, and I am off to Roy’s house for a delicious Korean dinner: bul go-gi! I can’t wait.
It has been so rainy the last few days, so join me as I do some Tokyo driftin’ on the roads as I drive to Milton. (watch out for my coughing fit @ 7 minute mark)

In other news, we pretty-much almost kind-of nearly definately DID organise the remainder of our trip to Indonesia. After all, we are leaving in 4 days.
It was a frustrating meeting, where I found I was going back over all our plans, and re-explaining them to Doug’s girlfriend. We really don’t have time to pack SO many things into the 13 days they’re there for.

It’s 1:30am now, and I have my volunteer job to go to ‘today’. Urgh. bye…

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