LAB398 sufferin in Sumatra

time to walk and hitch-hike rest of way to city starting off with a treat for Fey Driver, join me on the streets of Kubu, Sumatra, Indonesia – it is Christmas in this 94% Muslim country.

145km away from me, is the closest GAY – so yes, I am a long way from nowhere here 🙁
Palm Oil (that ends up in all American fast-food / KFC) is farmed here in Kubu. This has not transformed to any better roads or services though.
I find that there is a reason why my ‘hotel’ room is a bit odd.

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PS- Recorded 15-16/12/13, Kubu Indonesia
hot dad wanted his photo taken with me, LOL
my X, his wife and baby

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LAB389 grilled by a Boo

excuse the scratching, from the start.
Today I know what the mysterious Fey Driver feels like, as I answer some questions from the amazing Miss Brenda Boo.
part 1

How do I feel about going back home, because I am starting a new job?

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ps- recorded live on the streets of London, 6/11/13

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LAB280 boy issues

I need to get a FlowToll beeping thingy for my new car. In other more important newz; I have an internet boyfriend!! His name is Nelson.
Cross cultural / language issues make things a bit tricky however.

That is about all I ramble about in this episode!
Oh oh, what are you all doing for Christmas?

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PS- Recorded 7/12/11

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LAB192 wedding bells, Sumatra

I venture into the depths of Sumatra this week for my friend’s wedding! I ramble about travelling in Indonesia (hell), and some cultural observations of how an Islamic wedding works. Also, I meet my ex’s new wife(!).

As I listen back to this, I really do talk a lot about the travel. Sadly, in Indonesia, just getting somewhere is it’s own adventure. This CAN be fun, but not always; especially when you just want to bloody well arrive already!
Hopefully you find it interesting. 🙂

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PS- recorded Sat, 20 November 2010

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Hot muslim boys

I’ve downloaded new wordpress iPhone app, so here we go.

Oh wait; where is option to attach a pic?!
Urgh. Stupid app. I can’t find out how to do it…

Tonight I’m in Medan, north Sumatra. Looking across to Malaysia.
Sleeping at my ex’s, Robi’s house – with his new wife. Ah yes, the irony of life

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Sumatra news

Hi peeps.
All going well here in Sumatra. Lots of content for future episodes!
Wanted to upload a pic or two, but can’t from iPhone with wpress online. Ugh.

All going well my old HDD is leaving Aust this week, so I can repair my old crackBook!

Call me with your questions on Indonesia!

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