LAB462 future friends

Bunaken Island, sunset

Bunaken Island, sunset

2 days left of Summer – and gee those Autumnal blues are getting to me today.
Well….. at least that is my excuse now – 3 days later.

I do a lot of pondering about life, friends, work, love, houses, Pride48 and junk. [but mostly, bitching about work]
Yep, it gets a bit depressing.
Hope this doesn’t ruin your day!

On a positive note, I do love living in my new neighbourhood :-) LUV IT.

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ps- recorded on 27/2/17

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LAB461 Sven does Donald Trump

Swedish backpacker

hottest news off the press, from the hottest of hot February cities. Crazy town hot people.

I have a new housemate. An international backpacker has moved in!
I have also follow Big Fatty’s television advice and discovered Donald Trump is basing his executive orders on it. #horrorofhorrors

depression: you’re standing in it. I have to say that it gets me down a little, to be at this age and still forced to house-share, just to afford a house. :-(

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Pride48: not sure I can wait another month or 2 just to hear of its demise/postponement/whatever.

ps- recorded 11/2/17

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LAB448 buy buy parasite Canadian

Grey movember2 201411
don’t let the door hit your scabby parasite ass on the way out!
yep kids, my freeloading Canadian housemate has GONE. #amen
I cannot afford to sponsor or put up with that shit.

Oh, and what shall I do about my house? So tricky, yeah.

also, I talk about latest work updates… of course, as per my life, it is possibly BAD news a coming. :(

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ps- recorded on 5/5/16 (or in USA, 5/5/16)

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LAB432 reflections & trips

Reflecting on the Kirby lecture; brilliant minds; useful people; contributers on a global scale…

Doing some work travel too. So I talk about my recent trip to Shepparton, Victoria / and Melbourne.

Update on house renovations etc. #expensive

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ps- recorded 13/9/15
me-tram 201509

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LAB335 warmest regards: received

Many thanks received from you all about my exciting graduation/admittance as a legal practitioner in sunny Queensland. It was so nice to hear and read your emails, web comments and tweets! It made me all fuzzy.

I also talk about the LOVE situation for this Aussie Battler… so shocking. I can’t believe what’s going on.

Pride48 coming soon – I wonder what I’ll talk about?

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ps- recorded 7/9/12 Pride48 is coming!
‘winner’ the new song from Pet Shop Boys, on their great new album. Buy it now!

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LAB321 selamat datang Gay Indonesian boy

I welcome one of my old Indonesian language teachers to Brisbane – she has just arrived on a 18 month scholarship to study here. So cool.

I also walk down memory lane as it brings up many memories from my time in Malang, Java – 2010 & 2011. :-)

Oh yeah, and a hot gay Indonesian guy was there tonight too! *woof*

— this is my final (ever) week of University too. :-)

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ps- recorded in Hilly the HiLux on 4/6/12

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