LAB429 house Renos & 25 years

I ‘celebrate’ 25 years today. Or, I should say that I ‘remember’ 25 long years. A bit sadsies 🙁

In other news; I fill you all in on what’s happening with my house, and renovations (repairs), landscaping, etc etc.
Pride48 “expo” is happening from today. Wish I could be there…. damn living in Australia. IF ONLY I could complain about spending $300 to fly to Vegas: as many Americans are doing recently. :-\ Try $1200-$1800 for a flight.

Seriously going broke -> trying to repair my house, so I can sell it. Sheesh. But I am super thankful for amazing dedicated long-term Christian friends (who volunteered hard labour to help me landscape)! <3 To download or listen online to MP3 click here
ps- recorded Wednesday 26/8/15 🙁 Dedicated to my brother.
LAB-artwork James

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