LAB158 Sydney 2010 trip

Here is a video from my Sydney trip with Roy.
Hope it goes to iTunes OK, and then to iPod or iPhones… I wanna work out how to do this more easily, for when I am in Indonesia and will be posting lots of videos!

please give me feedback.

Oh, click here if iTunes fails, and download manually.

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LAB156 gay pathetic wankers. Oh, & Jacob in Eclipse = YUM

I am full of the homosexual rage today. I cannot begin to understand the shallow spiteful wankers that have set out to ruin a gay man’s life!

On a lighter note, Twilight [3] Eclipse is out today. Edward is so ugly, hope he is NOT in it, and the entire movie is just Jacob ~ shirtless. Mmmmm, Jacob. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Go team Jacob, yeah yeah. You can pounce on me, any day

OK but no, this podcast is serious!!!!!

Love & prayers going out to a Mr X, who is facing some big things on Friday in USA. ๐Ÿ™‚

Click here to kiss Jacob or listen to MP3 filesparkling optional.

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LAB129 jaded, and now faded

Well, the title says it all really.
For the time being, I am laying this podcast to rest. It seems that you are not able to share/bare your soul, thoughts, hurts, or opinions in this country.

Should I receive any kind of feedback, acknowledgement, hard evidence, or reply from any of the people who have sadly misconstrued and mistook my OWN personal thoughts and feelings – I may post something on the blog in the next 2 weeks(?)

Thanks to the rest of you for all your support over the past year or so. It had been fun.

Click here to listen to the MP3 file.

I really hope I can return (safely), soon.

Oh, and while I am signing off: I hope you will all click on the ‘Compassion’ link at the bottom of this page. Please consider what your tiny bit of money can do to radically change a child’s life!

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LAB124 Blind sided by anal sex?

LABAfter a week of coughing, I am back! Come drive with me in Mong-mongi as I cough my way home.
Mostly I update you on my week of lazing about the Battler Mansion, and my sweet honey-bunch’s efforts to make me feel better. Did he pass, or fail?

I also talk a bit about the amazing movie, The Blind Side.
Is it time for some of us to trade in our vibrators and do something useful with our money?

Click here to download the MP3 file now.

Thanks Brother Cinaedus for the voicemail too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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LAB054 a thousand words

Some random video footage from the past 5 years of my life. Various old flatmates appear, plus a few minutes of my trip to Indonesia this year (2009).
I give a bit of a running commentary over the top of some of the video.
Quality is quite low, because I had to make the file size as small as possible.
Hope enjoy some scenes of Australia and Indonesia!

**** N.B. as i head into stress-out Essay time, there might not be many shows in next 2-3 weeks! ********************

Download Movie

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