LAB484 put your headphones ON

Listening to this show is going to be better than having Mario Lopez BANGING you and breathing heavy in your ears…
oh yeah kids. You MUST listen with headphones on, for the stereo sound. OK.

I talk about rip off prices of getting some prints/paintings framed here in Brisbane.
Also a little update on my latest encounter with Dreamy Boy at work. Mmmmmmm. Would love some of that brown sugah.

click here to listen online or get the MP3 file

ps- recorded in full ‘3D’ binaural stereo on 25/9/18
Experience a 3D audio thriller, captured with the AMBEO SMART HEADSET…

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LAB302 Autumn is here

It’s Autumn people, yet We No Speak Americano! After the bus stop, some quieter podcasting ensues (just for Satyr69), as I fill you all in on my life at Uni.

Am I really ‘thick as a brick’? πŸ˜‰

tap your toe during the intervals of this podcast.

you can listen online here if you want

ps- recorded briefly on 18/2/12, & mostly on 2/3/12.

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LAB273 sh1tty battler (needs Mario Lopez)

*explicit* as I talk about the latest bad news in my life. (get out your tiny violins everyone). Ha

I also spew about bloody Gen-Y RUDE selfish Koreans, who don’t bloody keep their appointments. urgh.

you can get file here too

ps- recorded 21/11/11

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LAB125 i need U Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez Hottest Bachelor 4A short podcast to try and explain my recent absence – or podfading. A whole lot of crap looks about to rain down on my “blog”, or… it could be nothing.
Anyway, I don’t need this extra stress or shit in my life right now!

What I do need, is for Mario to get out of his garage gym, off the HGTV channel, and get his hot snappy buns to BrisVegas.

Click here to listen to this podcast MP3

ps- Thanks for the heads up on Mario, Mr B. πŸ˜‰ Sadly, site wont play outside of America.

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LAB124 Blind sided by anal sex?

LABAfter a week of coughing, I am back! Come drive with me in Mong-mongi as I cough my way home.
Mostly I update you on my week of lazing about the Battler Mansion, and my sweet honey-bunch’s efforts to make me feel better. Did he pass, or fail?

I also talk a bit about the amazing movie, The Blind Side.
Is it time for some of us to trade in our vibrators and do something useful with our money?

Click here to download the MP3 file now.

Thanks Brother Cinaedus for the voicemail too. πŸ˜‰

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LAB101 damnations (thnx Mario)

LABFirst half of show is me driving home, talking about 3D movie screens & seeing Avatar again – with my cute Uni friend, Doug. Doug will be joining me on my upcoming trip to Bali, Java, Sulawesi in Indonesia!
On the way home I stop in at Coles to do some shopping, and have plonked some pix in here for you to see what an Aussie supermarket looks like. (yes, it’s an enhanced podcast). For some reason, Mario Lopez seems to be bringing visitors to my blog.
At the end of this episode I talk about my trip down to Surfer’s Paradise with Roy today (Tuesday). It was a nice day, but I had to nearly hit Roy to stop him splashing his cash to pay for everything! πŸ™‚

*breaking news* 2 voiceletters received this week!

Click and listen here, but be warned, it is an Enhanced podcast

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