LAB305 bus boy, St Pat’s day,

So many things to chat about today on the little show: a cute Korean boy; St Patricks hypocracy in the gay world; fibre optic cables; old friends; the fattness of Daniel Brewer; old, single, people (like me); and the impending arctic winter!

I love winter; don’t you?
I’m playing some kool toons behind my speaking this episode. Love it!

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ps- recorded on 21-25/3/2012

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LAB286 Christmas down under 2011

It’s almost Christmas, so join me as I prepare for the fun and merriment of the most wonderful time of the year.

Also I ponder some of the weird sexual chemistry in the air with my old Korean flatmates from 5 years ago. (I loved playing with his nipples & feeling those pecs).

Nice to live somewhere where people do not get hung up on division and labels and segregation for EVERYTHING; including Christmas.

– starting to rain, I gotta run home! Happy New Year.

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ps- recorded 23/12/2011

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LAB282 kim-chi Korean boy crazy

let down my guard a little tonight, as I go totally OFF @ the Korean boy interactions at church tonight.

Moving forward:-
feeling like I should be a little less ‘perfect’ in my podcasting. Especially if I put in to action the art of embracing imperfection and wholehearted living.
[can I hear an A M E N ?]

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ps- recorded 11/12/11

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LAB242 Corea, holiday chatter

Join me at Mister Donut, Seoul, Korea, for this podcast. It’s the last day of my holiday today, so I wrap up my thoughts on Korea (or Corea, if you don’t use the Japanese spelling)!

Highlights, lowlights, differences, culture, language, people… I have just had THE best time here in Korea.

Though they will never hear this; massive THANKS to all my dear Korean friends, who supported me, fed me, entertained me and met me in Korea. It was great!

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ps- recorded 27/6/11

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LAB211 EatYourKimChi kids

Despite the bloody frustrations of iPhone, internet, Apple’s Airport and life…. I have done a flight shopping spree today! Yay for Visa card 😉

Is that enough for your Little Aussie Battler? Hell no!
As I was “making some room on my hard drive” (in the toilet), I got totally crazy kids….

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ps- recorded 21/3/2011

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LAB202 Jakarta meat 2 Mario Lopez

Jakarta trip, enhanced podcast 2. I start where I cut off yesterday.
I had a great time catching up with my old Korean flatmate from Brisbane, who now works in Indonesia.
Had ‘drinks’ at the Australian Embassy too. But, scary security to get in there! 🙁

Also get a taste of luxury ex-pat life in Jakarta. Wow, I could get used to that. :-O

download the Enhanced podcast file here.

Special thanx to Tim for his Valentine’s voicemail today! 🙂

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