LAB177 9/11 in Indonesia

After a really long night of packing and doing loads of admin work at home, I headed off to BrisVegas airport, bound for Singapore then Surabaya – Indonesia!

Despite being 9/11 (of course it is really 11/9/10 in 95% of the world!), I managed to survive the 2 flights today. Yay.

this is a 1 minute video, just to test out iMovie on iPhone.

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LAB162 (cr)Apple iPhoneFlaw

Oh yeah baby, you know what this show is about.
I am SICK to the stomach of Apple’s B-grade shoddy products and workmanship over the past 2-3 years. From my crackBook (macBook), to Airport Express, to rubbish iOS on my iPhone 3.

hold on to your toothbrushes, cause we are going to try and scrape that toffy apple fan boy sludge from inside your head.

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LAB161 Pinoy lease & iPhoneFlaw

Much like the iPhone 4, I am starting to crack up under the pressure of leaving Australia for a whole year! Yikes.

My Philippino Wifey is changing her mind as to what to do, as much as Big Fatty changes his ginormous undies. Somebody needs a good SLAP!

I have come to some realisations on my feelings for my Honeybunch Roy…

Even though I want one, I have renamed the iPhone4, the iPhoneFlaw. Not only cause it rhymes, but because even the most ardent Apple fanboy has to admit that the design has been a monumental stuff up!!

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LAB148 Red hanky in my pocket

Blood is thicker than water. After a brief update on Salt Mine ingenious procedures (part III), I get on to some more serious stuff.

Kudos to the (mysterious) Fey Driver for the idea for this podcast.
‘Family’ is an interesting beast ~ especially when you are a gay.

Click here to listen to MP3 online (but I’d prefer you subscribe in iTunes)!

ps- recorded 9 June 2010

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