LAB460 Zika you later it’s 2017

it is 2017 and here I am people. Back with a vengence. Single handedly going to STOP Pride48 from imploding on itself and dying a slow pitiful death.

I only get down the street, when some neighbours bump into me and introduce themselves. (Hot Aussie guy and Japanese lady)

After that I interuption, let me fill you in on my lovely new suburb / abode on the northside of Brisbane.
Let me fill you in on my life of late… yes about 5 months. You’re terrible Muriel!

And what about Pride48 Las Vegas? Is it happening? It’s very annoying to have NO information about it.

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ps- recorded 30/1/17

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LAB449 salty Autumn

Walk with me as I walk my dog.
Letting you all know about my Dept of Salt site-visits that are coming up. Melbourne, Sydney, country NSW etc etc.

Allow me to have a little bitch about the new guy that’s started, and my sever under-payment of salary!

Seriously looking at selling my little old house. Time to move on?

Oh oh, also ‘Amplify’ gay asian Christian conference happening in November this year, in Jakarta, Indonesia! Yay

Thinking of some holiday options for 2017 too. Europe? Pride48 in Vegas?

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ps- recorded Tue 17/5/16

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LAB445 diseased dirty whore Battler :(

O M Gosh, I have obviously been a dirty little whore… cuz I am festering from all orifices. #gross

Anyway, some updates on life, my greyhound dog, Canadian roomie, and drugs.
Oh, and of course, harking back to my wild crazy SEX in Indonesia, May 2015!

Thanks for listening.

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ps- recorded 12/2/16 almost Valentine’s Day :(

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LAB443 Kathy Bacon bubbles

Kuta beach, Lombok
so, I kinda sound like a broken record here, as I blab on a bit about my new roomie – just like in last episode. Eek. Sorry.
I am sure that I say something new though… so please stay tuned.

Work is busy and I’m getting a bit stressed. Also have some more work trips coming up.

Some (vague) news about trying to sell my house. Urgh; it’s taking forever.

oh… and what about my LOVE LIFE?! :-O #yeahbaby #indonesianhottie

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Somebody… please stop Kathy Bacon popping those damn bubbles!

ps- recorded on 22/1/16

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LAB442 Oh Canada it’s 2016

Indo hunk
Christmas and NYE review – filled with DRAMA this year in my family;
mum, dad, nana
my brother’s partner to hospital.
NEW exciting news, is my recently arrived Canadian housemate! :-O
I have also now found out my ‘new’ permanent team for 2016. Yay.

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ps- recorded on 7/1/16

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LAB425 Indonesia 2015 pt.2 Y0P1

Me and Y0p1, Malang 2015

Me and Y0p1, Malang 2015

part 2 continues on…
my recent holiday to Indonesia – May 2015.

I’ve been sick at this point in trip, and my outlook is perhaps slightly tainted by it? :-( And of course, I do miss my darling dog #Alan!

I am recording LIVE from the balcony of my hotel, in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

At some point: there’s a serious Y0P1 update. #sad #tears

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ps- recorded on 28/5/15

Bunaken Island, sunset

Bunaken Island, sunset

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