LAB407 140414 dog inspection

Dept of Salt It is 14/4/14 today, celebrate the uniqueness (unless you’re American), then 4/14/14 means nothing.

I am on my way to getting a cute loveable DOGGY! So soon I will have all my emotional needs – met. :-)

Is Dr Wes a man-killer? Can you get a cat friendly dog?

please click here to listen online or d/load MP3

ps- recorded 14/4/14 :-)
Here is a pic of a very HOT man I met in Indonesia once… I really liked him, but sadly (as is life) he didn’t like me. He wants a ‘daddy’, no actually he wants a grandpa! :-(

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LAB399 Y0P1 arrives Down Under

South Bank, Brisbane 2013
it was a close call, but, finally… Y0P1 is in Australia!! :-)

He has been here only 2 days, but is having an amazing time already. He has the dreaded ‘plane travel air-conditioning’ cold, so he’s feeling a bit sick. After Brisbane we are driving to Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne!

stay tuned… you will here him speak in the next episode.

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ps- recorded 22/12/13, Brisbane

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LAB341 Y0P1 Q&A, bum sex and snorkelling

*explicit* tag. Or, MA15+ rated today. Here’s 2 recordings of chatting with Yopi. Begins with a follow-on from the previous day’s SEX questions he asked us.
Recording 2 is later that day, on the beach. He has returned from snorkelling and is quite excited!

It’s really sweet to hear how HAPPY he is, having gone on his first EVER holiday. :-)

click here for file online

ps- recorded in Lombok, Indonesia 14/11/12

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LAB340 Y0P1 interview part 2

Part 2 of speaking to Y0pi, and it’s a bit weird at first. I really should’ve structured (thought about) the questions first. Stay tuned for some ‘wise’ love advice from Indonesia!

By the end, his eyes were drooping, and he was looking a bit over-worked. Too much English? or nice air-con? or speaking for 40 minutes whilst lying down?!

I hope you enjoyed these 2 episodes, and that they gave you some insight into Indonesian student life. And, how sweet and adorable Y0pi is ;-)

click here for the file online

ps- recorded in Bali, Indonesia 16/11/12

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LAB339 Y0P1 interview – pt 1

his is part 1 of my interview with the lovely Y0P1, my dear friend from Indonesia. This was after our 4 days in Lombok, on our first day in Bali…
It’s a bit stilted and slow in places, sorry. Late afternoon, lying on a bed, was not the best locale for a chat!

Thanks to Mark in Canada for suggesting I interview him.

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ps- recorded 16/11/12

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LAB322 6th day of Winter (& June)

My time with Hilly is coming to an end again. I reflect on my family, gayness, love and singleness.
Am greatly tempted at the moment by AirAsia having a sale in July/August… (I really need to get out of Australia).

maybe I can visit Graveetas? ;-) He’s so hot.

Pondering life ahead, and terrible prospect of not being able to have so many trips abroad :-(
Also feeling sad that PLT is coming to an end in 1 day… aw, sadsies

download mp3 file here

ps- recorded 6/6/12

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