LAB479 Hong Kong foo-E

Time to cash in some Velocity frequent flyer points and get out of here…

Come with me, as we jet off to Hong Kong for a very long weekend!
I am very shocked by the photos from this holiday… my MOOBS (man boobs) are just disgusting. πŸ™

Having listened to the latest Pokin’ it with a Stick podcast, where Gavin talks about how lucky he is to get THREE weeks ‘vacation’ a year now that he’s worked at his company for like – decades! Thus, I also touch on ‘leave’ in Australia.

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PS- recorded on 3/5/2018

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LAB461 Sven does Donald Trump

Swedish backpacker

hottest news off the press, from the hottest of hot February cities. Crazy town hot people.

I have a new housemate. An international backpacker has moved in!
I have also follow Big Fatty’s television advice and discovered Donald Trump is basing his executive orders on it. #horrorofhorrors

depression: you’re standing in it. I have to say that it gets me down a little, to be at this age and still forced to house-share, just to afford a house. πŸ™

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Pride48: not sure I can wait another month or 2 just to hear of its demise/postponement/whatever.

ps- recorded 11/2/17

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LAB448 buy buy parasite Canadian

Grey movember2 201411
don’t let the door hit your scabby parasite ass on the way out!
yep kids, my freeloading Canadian housemate has GONE. #amen
I cannot afford to sponsor or put up with that shit.

Oh, and what shall I do about my house? So tricky, yeah.

also, I talk about latest work updates… of course, as per my life, it is possibly BAD news a coming. πŸ™

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ps- recorded on 5/5/16 (or in USA, 5/5/16)

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LAB446 still alive + Sydney Mardi Gras

Chicago pride black fella
Yeah, have recorded this only today, and am now uploading it. #win
Today is Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – or is it? Well, I guess we can’t say ‘gay and lesbian’ anymore: 1. gays can’t be first, and 2. what about the BTQI communities? #fail

anyway, this is an update on my dirty potty hole, and life, and work, and love. (yep ‘love’ will be short update) #failagain

oh oh and some listener feedback!!!!! πŸ™‚ #winwinwin

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ps- recorded on 5/3/16

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LAB438 salt pilot

Coming to the end of the year, and reflecting on pilot program in the Dept of Salt. . .
joys, loves, moans, groans, challenges, travel, annoying workmates, growth, worktrips! πŸ™‚ Am i unwanted, or loved? Promotions coming?

Then I waffle about work/travel for a while.

House is on the market now – so I am hoping and preparing for a quick sale.
The hunt for a new house, is in full swing! πŸ™‚

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ps- recorded on 23/11/15

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LAB436 Townsville (no Powerpuff Girls sighted)

(sorry for the wind noise as I walk along the ocean front!)

I am truly blessed to be able to travel for work lately. So I am coming to you from glorious tropical, hot, humid, Townsville for this podcast.

Lovely – as my hotel is right on the waterfront, looking out at Magnetic Island. Wish I was here more than 1 night!

Lots of updates on my house repairs/renovations too. Will this thing EVER go on the market?! :'(
– – I also talk about Adelaide again, sorry!

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<<< this pic is Yopi, not in Townsville. ps - recorded 3/11/15 Powerpuff Girls in Townsville

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