LAB249 at The Bay with the oldies

A very quick update from my first few days back in Queensland, as I visit the rellies!
My mate, Peter, popped up too – to keep me sane. Overall, I am not really settling in to “normal” life back in Oz. Hmm, I wonder if this will improve… ?

Will be staying with my brother in Brisbane for a while.

enjoy a short musical clip from the ABC series ‘Angry Boys’. *course language* warning!

download MP3 file here

PS- Recorded 18/7/11

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LAB098 enhanced Xmas Dyson

LAB Enhanced podcast full of images and commentary of my time away for Christmas…
Yes, with 2 Korean boys in tow, and I headed to Hervey Bay for 2 family Xmas events.

I had a lovely warm Christmas with family and international guests. I know the Korean boys really enjoyed seeing an Aussie Christmas, as Christmas day in Korea is not spent with family, but with your girlfriend – going to the movies or shoppng. Yep, how sad is that?! 🙁

Listen to the enhanced podcast through iTunes, or on your iPod/iPhone 🙂

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LAB096 batty Xmas 2009

I had a rather batty Christmas at Hervey Bay this year, as you will see in this little video.
At the end, are photos of my time away for Xmas 2009. Hope you like it.
Stay tuned for an enhanced podcast, where I will talk and show you what I did up there.

i dunno if this is right, but click here to watch online

*** breaking news *** See next audio podcast for it…

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LAB095 Bye 2009. PS- “I luv U”

LABA very quick update on my Xmas goings-on in Hervey Bay, and you know what that means… the new Korean boy lover news too.
Had a great Christmas, and got some nice presents on the way too.
I need to get this podcast out, so I wont do an Enhanced podcast today; maybe tomorrow?

Have a great New Year’s Eve everyone – wherever you are in this beautiful world. I hope 2010 is a year of joy for you,
love, Scotty.

can’t wait for itunes? click here to listen now kids

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LAB094 Xmas eve shoppers’ delight

It is Christmas eve, and I am off to do some last minute shopping… at 5:30am! Hop in my pocket as I do some shopping at Chermside Westfield shopping centre (mall), and venture in to Target, Woolworths, Big W etc. I pass a few (evil) American multi-national chains on the way 🙁
Then join me as I pack and rush around trying to get ready to head up to Hervey Bay – with new Korean beau in tow. oh boy, this could end up getting messy.

hope you have (had) a wonderful Christmas.

click here to listen to MP3 now

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