LAB480 Sydney weakend 2018

I am in Sydney for the weekend, and having just been to a Xmas party, I thought I would record a show.

I am walking down the dark scary streets of inner Sydney! Ooooo, ahhhhhh. A bit of traffic noise, even late at night, and as “busses replace trains” this weekend, there’s a bit of street pedestrian noise and bus engines rumbling as a pass by Central Station.

Join me at the end for a little interaction on the street with a lovely security guard, who was blocking the footpath – as they were filming a TV commercial.

you can listen here or download MP3

PS- recorded on Saturday 28/7/2018 in Sydney, Australia

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LAB479 Hong Kong foo-E

Time to cash in some Velocity frequent flyer points and get out of here…

Come with me, as we jet off to Hong Kong for a very long weekend!
I am very shocked by the photos from this holiday… my MOOBS (man boobs) are just disgusting. 🙁

Having listened to the latest Pokin’ it with a Stick podcast, where Gavin talks about how lucky he is to get THREE weeks ‘vacation’ a year now that he’s worked at his company for like – decades! Thus, I also touch on ‘leave’ in Australia.

click here to download/listen to MP3 file

PS- recorded on 3/5/2018

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LAB476 six sux worklife

Thanks for joining me again.
Yes, I have to fill you in on the downhill slide at work. Sheesh; it’s a bit tiring.
I do despair at my career advancement, and opportunities that have passed me by. #sigh

I’m getting super FAT too. Too much enjoying life with Golden Boy? LOL

OH, and we are going on holidays to Tasmania at Easter! Yay.

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ps- recorded on 7/2/18

However, I am very excited about Pride 48 in New Orleans this year. I can’t wait.

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LAB469 China 2017 -part 2 donkey burger

par 2 of my Chinese holiday.

Mostly I talk about The Great Wall of China!!


it was so peaceful. so big. so long. so quiet.
a truly memorable experience.
Tipping for the tours was really annoying! America’s influence on the world 🙁


Tomorrow, will be some Beijing sights.

click here to listen or download MP3

ps- recorded on 20/10/17


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LAB467 nine eleven & Golden Boy

me-tram 201509
We start out today, riding the train into Central Station. Choo Choo, all aboard for the Battler Express. 🙂
It’s the battler express – straight to my ‘new’ legal job at the Dept of Salt! Weeeeeeeee

Part 2:
after 2 weeks, I fill you in on legal life – so far. Very interesting indeed.
It will take me a while to work out, a) what the hell I am doing, and b) if I can survive. 🙁

Part 3: #surprise
2 very big and WONDERFUL surprises arrived in my email inbox on 1 September! Thank you Ms America. #kisskiss

click here for the MP3 file or to listen online

ps- recorded on 11/9/17 & 25/9/17

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LAB464 happy holidays 108F

HatM in Budapest 2013

HatM in Budapest 2013

Join me on a happy holiday – to ROME!!
Then I jump to the United Arab Emirates.
I am on this crazy holiday to meet my parents, who are embarking on a 4 week cruise from Rome to Singapore. What is it with old people and cruising?! #bigfatty

click here to download the MP3 or listen online

ps- recorded on 17/5/17 & 18/5/17 and 6/6/17

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