LAB316 ‘curious’ or str8?

I dunno why it is only EVER the straight boys that are interested in being my friend. Where are all the GAYS?! So frustrating. But, at least I get to perve on some juicy BLACK eye candy, hey?

Now started my final 2 subjects at Uni. Admin Law & Family Law (both practical subjects of course). Geting overloaded and busy now – hence few podcasts πŸ™
Thinking of Big Fatty, Fey Driver & Musing Mark today = pumping it out! *honk*

This weekend I am off to the Gold Coast for 2 nights with my bestest girly friends! Nice πŸ™‚

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ps- recorded Thursday 17/5/12

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LAB239 sudah selesai kelas-kelas

Yes, I have now finished ALL my teaching at University! Can you believe it? It went so fast, and now I feel a little sad.

“Long body, short legs”… any Homos out there know if the rumour is true? Let me know plz.

the end of my program looms, and I wonder if I should let them have it with both barrels!

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ps- recorded 9/6/2011

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LAB147 Salt and Pepper boys /miners

Salt N Pepper boys– well, maybe that is my dream (now I have looked up the meaning online). However, today I wax lyrical about working in the Salt Miine – with all the new procedures.
Hope you all don’t find it too boring, as I have a bit of a bitch about work. πŸ˜‰

Should I chuck a sickie tomorrow?

Before you hit delete, I do also chat about some Uni stuff, my take-home exam, and the exams to come. πŸ™
OH yeah… I got some really great news on 1 of my essays too. πŸ™‚

Question of the day: Why does every New Zilander want to come and live/work in Australia?!

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LAB142 Lady Gaga nightly road rage

Friday podcast live from Mong-mongi as I drive home from work. [part 2]
It’s nice having a boyfriend, isn’t it? Even when you have to have a difficult conversation. tricky.

Work at the Dept of Salt is starting to pick up – as I almost have access to their systems.
Oh yeah, my to-and-from work is now going to be filled with ROAD RAGE each day. …maybe I should just catch the bus? πŸ™

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Listener feedback/emails update also today… πŸ™‚ Thnx everyone.
(show recorded 7 & 9 May 2010)

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LAB138 Red Rooter cash money

I have a blown bulb in this show, but it doesn’t stop me going to Red Rooster!

Also, there is a death in the family, and a new tech purchase.

very short episode today. πŸ™ Just a quick break between study.

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ps- Recorded 26/4/10

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LAB134 HUGE announcement

I have a BIG really exciting announcement to make on this show… so no hints in this description.
You will have to download and listen IMMEDIATELY! πŸ™‚

oh, and Susan stops by at the end of the episode to sing us off to sleep as we contemplate Who I was Born to Be

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ps- show recorded on 14/4/2010

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