LAB327 July already Toyota home conflicts

I still love Mario Lopez
Join me hooning down the streats of BrisVegas, like a Fey Driver. Feel the power under my butt! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Warning: Toyota drivers may be offended today.
I fill you all in on my legal placement feelings.
Skip forward 2 days, and I’ve been to see Prometheus at the movies. I thought it was good, but not scary ๐Ÿ™
Oh OH, and there’s been a huge blow up fight at home between my flatmates! :-O

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ps- recorded 1 & 3 July 2012

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LAB155 Licence to THRILL

I pop down to Queensland Transport to get a new driver’s licence!

Plans are slowly taking shape in preparation for Indonesia 2010.

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ps- Recorded 29 June 2010

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LAB137 3am eternal Salt Miner

my new job is ‘OK’. Not exactly stimulating in the brain department, but then again it IS at 3 in the morning. Struggling to go to bed so early at night (how does Big Fatty do it?).

Don’t you just love ‘Sweet Disposition’ by The Temper Trap? It is a great song to burn-rubber to when driving Mong-mongi to work so early.

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PS- recorded 22 April 2010.
Pec/chest cover art supplied by (korean) Hun. Isn’t he hot?!

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LAB129 jaded, and now faded

Well, the title says it all really.
For the time being, I am laying this podcast to rest. It seems that you are not able to share/bare your soul, thoughts, hurts, or opinions in this country.

Should I receive any kind of feedback, acknowledgement, hard evidence, or reply from any of the people who have sadly misconstrued and mistook my OWN personal thoughts and feelings – I may post something on the blog in the next 2 weeks(?)

Thanks to the rest of you for all your support over the past year or so. It had been fun.

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I really hope I can return (safely), soon.

Oh, and while I am signing off: I hope you will all click on the ‘Compassion’ link at the bottom of this page. Please consider what your tiny bit of money can do to radically change a child’s life!

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LAB124 Blind sided by anal sex?

LABAfter a week of coughing, I am back! Come drive with me in Mong-mongi as I cough my way home.
Mostly I update you on my week of lazing about the Battler Mansion, and my sweet honey-bunch’s efforts to make me feel better. Did he pass, or fail?

I also talk a bit about the amazing movie, The Blind Side.
Is it time for some of us to trade in our vibrators and do something useful with our money?

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Thanks Brother Cinaedus for the voicemail too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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LAB102 Neenish Tarts

LABspecial edition Neenish Tart podcast today. Join me as I go ‘bonkers’ on the drive home from work, and catch up on the latest (important) news stories to be heard on 7 News tonight. Sad news for Haiti residents too.
I also pop down to Big W to buy some xBox 360 games – I have to fill in my Uni holidays somehow!
Mong-Mongi nearly died as I headed to work this morning. Poor thing, he is really on his last wheels now. It is still stinking hot in Brisbane, and my fair delicate skin is burning like prawn on the barbie.
Do you watch The Bachelorette? – what a terrible show. 1) they are all gorgeous, and don’t need to be hooked up. 2) to take 2 people to marrying stage, & then have 1 of them dumped. So cruel.

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