LAB472 MacBook Pro SUX

The year is nearly over, and I am pumping out a show. No doubt you’ve been overloaded with 4 shows in 1 week – even though they spanned 3 months.

It is HOT, and I’m taking my dog for a walk. 😀

Remember how I bought a new MacBook Pro (touch bar) in May this year? Yes? Well, what a piece of junk it’s turned out to be. Nothing but problems!!

Christmas is just 3 days away… what are you doing?
I will be spending it on the Gold Coast, and in Brisbane. 🙂

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PS- recorded on 23/12/2017

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LAB442 Oh Canada it’s 2016

Indo hunk
Christmas and NYE review – filled with DRAMA this year in my family;
mum, dad, nana
my brother’s partner to hospital.
NEW exciting news, is my recently arrived Canadian housemate! :-O
I have also now found out my ‘new’ permanent team for 2016. Yay.

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ps- recorded on 7/1/16

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LAB441 gettin’ real, part 2 Xmas message

Mario Lopez Hottest Bachelor 4
part 2, am now back from my worktrip to Canberra…
Alan news, and it aint pretty!
Poor Alan – feel so sad for him lately. 🙁

Next week (actually this week, now), I am going on another trip for work. 2 nights, 2.5 days. Ballarat and Melbourne, Victoria.

House / real estate agent curfuffle (i.e. I am pissed off). I found 4 quite good properties on the weekend, but which one to put an offer on?! I am soooooo bad with decision making. urgh.

End with a Christmas message to all the gays, and those with loopey ‘Christian’ religious families! #serioustime

clik hear four the MP3 file ore too listen

ps- recorded 14/12/15

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LAB439 summer’s begun

1/12/15 first day of summer 2015! Christmas is coming in just a few weeks. Yay.

Wrap up on the end of the year, and house buying, and other important riveting rot.

A bit scared about buying a townhouse, instead of a house and land. Yikes. Poor Alan.

Shout out to Musing Mark and his re-runs this month.

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ps- recorded 1/12/15
hope I get Mario Lopez for my birthday!

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LAB304 diksee chix, London memories + iPad3

Inspired by George in Atlanta, I cast my mind back to Christmas 1998, in London.
Somehow this all relates to the Dixie Chicks! 😉

I must get fit… there’s a lot of huffing and puffing in this recording! 🙁

>> I bought an iPad3 @ Dick Smith yesterday… Sam Sparro says, “I’m still hungry”. Do U agree?

Thanks for listening. I appreciate it!
Thanks for the blog comments too.

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ps- recorded 13/3/12 & 16 March too.

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LAB286 Christmas down under 2011

It’s almost Christmas, so join me as I prepare for the fun and merriment of the most wonderful time of the year.

Also I ponder some of the weird sexual chemistry in the air with my old Korean flatmates from 5 years ago. (I loved playing with his nipples & feeling those pecs).

Nice to live somewhere where people do not get hung up on division and labels and segregation for EVERYTHING; including Christmas.

– starting to rain, I gotta run home! Happy New Year.

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ps- recorded 23/12/2011

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