LAB467 nine eleven & Golden Boy

me-tram 201509
We start out today, riding the train into Central Station. Choo Choo, all aboard for the Battler Express. πŸ™‚
It’s the battler express – straight to my ‘new’ legal job at the Dept of Salt! Weeeeeeeee

Part 2:
after 2 weeks, I fill you in on legal life – so far. Very interesting indeed.
It will take me a while to work out, a) what the hell I am doing, and b) if I can survive. πŸ™

Part 3: #surprise
2 very big and WONDERFUL surprises arrived in my email inbox on 1 September! Thank you Ms America. #kisskiss

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ps- recorded on 11/9/17 & 25/9/17

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LAB466 love (not the name I’ll use)

Winter Soldier
Such a beautiful evening for walking the dog. Don’t you just love winter (even if it’s not at all cold)? Look at the clear blue sky. The birds are chirping. The moths are eating my winter woolies that I never get to wear. πŸ™
Life is wonderful.
God is good.

A bit more of an update on my job – temporary promotion for 6 months.
also, I think I got a speeding ticket today too. :'( Damn radars hidden on overpasses!
Popped down to Melbourne and Geelong last weekend, for 4 days. I got to wear my real winter coat down there – because it was cold. (though not as cold as it often is)

but wait, , , , GOOOOOD NEWS! [you will have to listen to find out what it is]

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ps- recorded 21/8/17

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LAB453 1 nite in Melbourne

I’m in Melbourne for just 1 night, for work. Join me as I walk the cold wintery streets after dinner.
Actually, I am on my way to see a play, ‘Skylight’. (It was very good).

I should’ve been playing Pokemon GO, and getting monsters before it got too popular. Still need to find a Pikachu!

of course, being away from home, I suddenly am attractive to people on the dating apps! URGH. Why is my life so annoying? πŸ™
(sorry for any coughs I forgot to edit out!)

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ps- recorded on 20/6/16

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LAB449 salty Autumn

Walk with me as I walk my dog.
Letting you all know about my Dept of Salt site-visits that are coming up. Melbourne, Sydney, country NSW etc etc.

Allow me to have a little bitch about the new guy that’s started, and my sever under-payment of salary!

Seriously looking at selling my little old house. Time to move on?

Oh oh, also ‘Amplify’ gay asian Christian conference happening in November this year, in Jakarta, Indonesia! Yay

Thinking of some holiday options for 2017 too. Europe? Pride48 in Vegas?

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ps- recorded Tue 17/5/16

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LAB446 still alive + Sydney Mardi Gras

Chicago pride black fella
Yeah, have recorded this only today, and am now uploading it. #win
Today is Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – or is it? Well, I guess we can’t say ‘gay and lesbian’ anymore: 1. gays can’t be first, and 2. what about the BTQI communities? #fail

anyway, this is an update on my dirty potty hole, and life, and work, and love. (yep ‘love’ will be short update) #failagain

oh oh and some listener feedback!!!!! πŸ™‚ #winwinwin

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ps- recorded on 5/3/16

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LAB443 Kathy Bacon bubbles

Kuta beach, Lombok
so, I kinda sound like a broken record here, as I blab on a bit about my new roomie – just like in last episode. Eek. Sorry.
I am sure that I say something new though… so please stay tuned.

Work is busy and I’m getting a bit stressed. Also have some more work trips coming up.

Some (vague) news about trying to sell my house. Urgh; it’s taking forever.

oh… and what about my LOVE LIFE?! :-O #yeahbaby #indonesianhottie

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Somebody… please stop Kathy Bacon popping those damn bubbles!

ps- recorded on 22/1/16

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