LAB446 still alive + Sydney Mardi Gras

Chicago pride black fella
Yeah, have recorded this only today, and am now uploading it. #win
Today is Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – or is it? Well, I guess we can’t say ‘gay and lesbian’ anymore: 1. gays can’t be first, and 2. what about the BTQI communities? #fail

anyway, this is an update on my dirty potty hole, and life, and work, and love. (yep ‘love’ will be short update) #failagain

oh oh and some listener feedback!!!!! :-) #winwinwin

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ps- recorded on 5/3/16

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LAB443 Kathy Bacon bubbles

Kuta beach, Lombok
so, I kinda sound like a broken record here, as I blab on a bit about my new roomie – just like in last episode. Eek. Sorry.
I am sure that I say something new though… so please stay tuned.

Work is busy and I’m getting a bit stressed. Also have some more work trips coming up.

Some (vague) news about trying to sell my house. Urgh; it’s taking forever.

oh… and what about my LOVE LIFE?! :-O #yeahbaby #indonesianhottie

click here for MP3 or to listen online, OK

Somebody… please stop Kathy Bacon popping those damn bubbles!

ps- recorded on 22/1/16

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LAB413 single Guardian of the Galaxy

Mario Lopez Hottest Bachelor 4 I still love Mario Lopez! :-)
I am on my way to see Guardians of the Galaxy tonight. Hope it’s good. [yes, it was good. Very funny]

In the meantime, I take you for a drive and chat about my stage/phase of life… AKA relating to That Peter G (on LOTSL podcast), and

Topic 2: love or money? Height or career? Stability or a passport? << is it wrong? [notice how noisy my car is, compared to Fey Driver's BMW] #meh That's what an extra $45,000 gets you! 😛 click here for MP3 online

ps- recorded 9/8/14

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LAB408 Why hello, lovah

Chicago pride black fella
the love boat, amazing and true, come aboard, we’re fatter than you. la la la loooooove boat. . .
This episode is mostly just an update on my LOVE life!

good? bad? Listen and see 😉

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ps- recorded 21/5/14

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LAB405 House of Samøa

Dept of Salt - mine Listen on double speed today!
An update on my new job at the Department of Salt, Australia. It’s all going pretty damn goooood. :-)

OH, and just went you (and I) both thought Super Samoan really DID hate me…. [there’s an update].

Sorry for the boring bits, whilst shopping for a birthday present. LOL

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ps- recorded on 1/3/14

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LAB392 lamenting love in Latvia (Rīga) -pt 2

Part 2 of my Riga ramblings… well, nothing much to do with Riga or Latvia however.

Probably gets a bit more juicy / personal now. Thanks for listening.

Inspiration from Musing Mark, Brenda Boo & Wendy Naughty-Nanny

click here for the MP3

ps- recorded in Riga, on 18/11/13

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