LAB325 itchy & bloodywell SCRATCHY diet

I am starting the unofficial Big Fatty diet! (Please consult your doctor before undertaking any weirdo food programs).
No cards, no carbs, no barbs.

sorry for the scratching of the microphone. Do not buy ‘ultimate ears’ they are crap.
Everything’s free in Americaaaaaaaa

click here for the MP3

ps- recorded on 21 & 28/6/12

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LAB144 600 is retirement age, surely

600 is a long time in anyone’s books, but 600 podcasts is just too TOO much!
Today is my humble episode no. 144 – of total quality content. Oh, and it is Wednesday 19 May 2010 as I cruise the garment district of Brisbane… on my way home from the Salt Mine.

Will I ever break up with my honey-bunch, Roy? 🙁

In other work news (from the Dept of Salt), I share the totally justified and not at all over-the-top FINAL WARNING emails that my night manger is sending us. Hmm.

Click right here to listen to the show online

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