LAB340 Y0P1 interview part 2

Part 2 of speaking to Y0pi, and it’s a bit weird at first. I really should’ve structured (thought about) the questions first. Stay tuned for some ‘wise’ love advice from Indonesia!

By the end, his eyes were drooping, and he was looking a bit over-worked. Too much English? or nice air-con? or speaking for 40 minutes whilst lying down?!

I hope you enjoyed these 2 episodes, and that they gave you some insight into Indonesian student life. And, how sweet and adorable Y0pi is ;-)

click here for the file online

ps- recorded in Bali, Indonesia 16/11/12

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LAB212 Mexican hot showers

I begin with demonstrating the reason I’m IN Indonesia! Then move on to some good news, and a bit of sad news.

Don’t you just feel extra peppy, and have a little spring in your step, when a cute boy pays attention to you?!
oh yeah, chooks foot to gnaw on, anybody? Yum.

Question of the week? Why are all the gays total twats, money-orientated, and about as interesting as cardboard?!

you can download the mp3 file here

ps- recorded 26/3/11

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LAB199 Bali babi (pig) -part 2

Enhanced podcast of Bali trip, part 2. Today I waffle less and actually talk about the trip and the photos I’m showing.
Hope you enjoy it, and get a slice of tropical Bali pie while you listen.

Click here to download online

ps- ‘babi’ is Indonesian for pig. I hate heaps of bacon while in Bali.

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LAB198 Bali baby – part 1

Enhanced podcast of my January trip to Bali with Ferdi. This is part 1 of my holiday – I chat about unusually good Travel in Indonesia, and about the first few days… alone… with just the boyfriend!

Oh yes…. travelling with a new partner… you know where this will end up! ;-)

Click here to listen online

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LAB112 planz4 Indonesia… gettin there very slowly

LABSunday night in BrisVegas, and I am off to Roy’s house for a delicious Korean dinner: bul go-gi! I can’t wait.
It has been so rainy the last few days, so join me as I do some Tokyo driftin’ on the roads as I drive to Milton. (watch out for my coughing fit @ 7 minute mark)

In other news, we pretty-much almost kind-of nearly definately DID organise the remainder of our trip to Indonesia. After all, we are leaving in 4 days.
It was a frustrating meeting, where I found I was going back over all our plans, and re-explaining them to Doug’s girlfriend. We really don’t have time to pack SO many things into the 13 days they’re there for.

It’s 1:30am now, and I have my volunteer job to go to ‘today’. Urgh. bye…

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Call the listener line, AND donate to Haiti appeal (even though it’s not in news) ->> ->> ->>

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LAB101 damnations (thnx Mario)

LABFirst half of show is me driving home, talking about 3D movie screens & seeing Avatar again – with my cute Uni friend, Doug. Doug will be joining me on my upcoming trip to Bali, Java, Sulawesi in Indonesia!
On the way home I stop in at Coles to do some shopping, and have plonked some pix in here for you to see what an Aussie supermarket looks like. (yes, it’s an enhanced podcast). For some reason, Mario Lopez seems to be bringing visitors to my blog.
At the end of this episode I talk about my trip down to Surfer’s Paradise with Roy today (Tuesday). It was a nice day, but I had to nearly hit Roy to stop him splashing his cash to pay for everything! :-)

*breaking news* 2 voiceletters received this week!

Click and listen here, but be warned, it is an Enhanced podcast

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