LAB441 gettin’ real, part 2 Xmas message

Mario Lopez Hottest Bachelor 4
part 2, am now back from my worktrip to Canberra…
Alan news, and it aint pretty!
Poor Alan – feel so sad for him lately. :(

Next week (actually this week, now), I am going on another trip for work. 2 nights, 2.5 days. Ballarat and Melbourne, Victoria.

House / real estate agent curfuffle (i.e. I am pissed off). I found 4 quite good properties on the weekend, but which one to put an offer on?! I am soooooo bad with decision making. urgh.

End with a Christmas message to all the gays, and those with loopey ‘Christian’ religious families! #serioustime

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ps- recorded 14/12/15

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LAB440 gettin real in da Capital of Oz

hush puppies
Walking with Alan, and talking about his doggy poos. Yes, many great topics will be in today’s episode – tune in now! :-)
I’ve been to our nation’s capital this last week. (Note: capitAl, not capitOl) #worktrip Met a friend, and saw plenty of you hotties — maybe I could live in Canberra?!
Endured a rather slow tedious 2 days of travelling with a new colleague – kinda like an old grandpa… only not cute or endearing. Ha.
Had lunch next to the dog on the tuckerbox, 5 miles from Gundagai. Also went down to Bega, where the famous cheese company is.

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Dog on the tuckerbox story – poem here

ps- recorded on 14/12/15

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LAB438 salt pilot

Coming to the end of the year, and reflecting on pilot program in the Dept of Salt. . .
joys, loves, moans, groans, challenges, travel, annoying workmates, growth, worktrips! :-) Am i unwanted, or loved? Promotions coming?

Then I waffle about work/travel for a while.

House is on the market now – so I am hoping and preparing for a quick sale.
The hunt for a new house, is in full swing! :)

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ps- recorded on 23/11/15

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LAB435 Adelaide

I am in Adelaide for 4 days, for work. We prefer to call it RADelaide here. LOLZ #oxymoron
Thanks to daylight savingS in South Australia, the sun is still up and shining at 8pm, which is lovely.

Due to severe hayfever attack, AND the disgusting smokers around me during dinner – my Adelaide content gets cut quite short.

the end is me recording some Americans talking to my parents on the tram from Glenelg to Adelaide CBD. 😀

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ps- recorded Thu 29/10/15 & 30/10/15

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LAB432 reflections & trips

Reflecting on the Kirby lecture; brilliant minds; useful people; contributers on a global scale…

Doing some work travel too. So I talk about my recent trip to Shepparton, Victoria / and Melbourne.

Update on house renovations etc. #expensive

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ps- recorded 13/9/15
me-tram 201509

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LAB430 cut off

pride48_vegassign Pride48 is happening NOW! Sadly, I am not there.
Since bloody when did it become the LAST EVER VEGAS event?! :-(
Doing some work travel for Dept of Salt lately: which is nice.

Anyway, why am I podcasting? What did I used to talk about? And why can’t I be arsed to do it these days? Mental health?
WAS ‘podcasting’ the answer?
…well, this show gets cut off suddenly for some unkown reason! Urgh, bloody Apple. I had another 20min of great content too. #pissedoff

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ps- recorded 31/8/15

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