LAB358 Roma, or bust?

I travel 500km (6 hours) west to Outback Queensland for a job interview, and to visit my friend from Uni. It was a very strange interview, and I leave with mixed feelings.

This podcast is going to twist and turn and SHOCK you all!
I’m shocked too.

listen or download mp3 here

see Roma on the map

ps- recorded 5-6/4/2013

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LAB352 vee day of luv

It is another beautiful valentinez day Down Under, 2013. Love is in the air, even more than usual. Yippee doooo.

Strangers on a Train, was my love movie.
Check out Joyce Meyer for some inspiring messages! Am I letting my emotions run riot in my life?

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Closing song by Justin Ryan‘s new album, I’ve Been There. Buy online, support gay artists. :-)

ps- recorded 14/2/13

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LAB351 Brisbane homos & USA

Gardening flatmate sends me into a RANT at the beginning. A few days later, and it’s a Helmet Cast /Mic recording:
Don’t you love the gentle buzz of 50CC of power in the background?
I got a $426 water bill this week – yep, that’s 1/5 of a USA plane ticket! :-(

Finally, I announce some super duper exciting news about my travel plans for 2013! :-)
Would appreciate any travel tips/ideas from you locals.

click here for the mp3 online

ps- recorded 1/2/13 & 6/2/13

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LAB335 warmest regards: received

Many thanks received from you all about my exciting graduation/admittance as a legal practitioner in sunny Queensland. It was so nice to hear and read your emails, web comments and tweets! It made me all fuzzy.

I also talk about the LOVE situation for this Aussie Battler… so shocking. I can’t believe what’s going on.

Pride48 coming soon – I wonder what I’ll talk about?

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ps- recorded 7/9/12 Pride48 is coming!
‘winner’ the new song from Pet Shop Boys, on their great new album. Buy it now!

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LAB317 gaspin for air & freezin my nipples off

gasp, pant, wheeze… I am SO out of breath tonight, as I walk in the icy evening air to the local cinemas. Brrrrr
One of the locals either has a fireplace or they’re burning lawn furniture in the back yard?

Quick Uni / prac update too… Soon I’ll be starting my 5 weeks of placement in a law firm. scary, yeah :-O

click here for the MP3 file online

ps- recorded Saturday 26/5/12

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LAB312 millennium eve & ANZAC day

What were you doing on 31/12/1999? I had a really great millennium eve! Join with me as I talk about that and being able to hold on to my bladder for many hours.

Finally we stroll down to the local cinemas to see 21 Jump Street, and I talk about ANZAC day tomorrow. LEST WE FORGET. And I explain just why Australia and New Zealand have such tremendously close ties (with a few jokes added in).

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Please also check out the talented Musings of a Tech Writer podcast!

“I still call Australia home”, performed by The Idea of North

ps- recorded 22 & 24/4/2012

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