LAB307 1/4/12 = April foolz day

April fool You all know I would NEVER leave you, right?! Well, I am back – now that April Fools’ day is over. hee hee ;-)

Hope you weren’t too distaught over my show ending.

today I give a long iPad 3 (new iPad) review. Enjoy.
- stay tuned for a great iPad app review too. :-)

click here for the new amazing MP3 file

ps- recorded 1/4/12

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LAB304 diksee chix, London memories + iPad3

Inspired by George in Atlanta, I cast my mind back to Christmas 1998, in London.
Somehow this all relates to the Dixie Chicks! ;-)

I must get fit… there’s a lot of huffing and puffing in this recording! :-(

>> I bought an iPad3 @ Dick Smith yesterday… Sam Sparro says, “I’m still hungry”. Do U agree?

Thanks for listening. I appreciate it!
Thanks for the blog comments too.

Click here for the file online

ps- recorded 13/3/12 & 16 March too.

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LAB203 Semester 2 begins, iPad2?

Semester 2 starts tomorrow (cause Indonesia is on the crazy Northern-hemisphere timetable), so I am off to Coffee Time to prepare for English Seaking 2 classes. blah

It really is off-putting to have the REAL year disected by a fake academic year, like in USA & EU. Semester 2 is starting, at the start of a new year. :-(

2 voicemails today :-) yippee! thank you, boys.

You can click here to listen to MP3 online

ps- I wanted to do an Enhanced podcast, but stupid iPhoto can’t “see” my iPhone – so I can’t save the pics. Urgh. stoopid Apple.

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LAB172 SE23 to Greenwich (blue fairy)

I am not sure if anyone other than Guru Nudie is enjoying these video podcasts, but here is another one anyway…

Today Simon and I headed off to Greenwich.
At the end there is a few seconds of footage from a certain 300th fruit shoppe that opened in Covent Garden! ;-)

click here to watch online

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LAB136 iPhone 4G & pekerjaan baru

Yep, you guessed it… I have a NEW job! I am super rich now, as good things come in threes. Today I learnt about pekerjaan baru!
Yep, pretty soon I will be able to buy an iPad, like Archerr. I daren’t say it, but I neeeeeed to buy SO MUCH new Apple technology before I go to Indonesia. Like the new Apple iPhone 4 (as released on Gizmodo tomorrow). Wow it looks nice n sexy. ;-)

Mostly today I talk about my new data-entry (not) job.
Click here to listen to the Mp3 baby

-recorded Tue 20/4/10, with a new voicemail at end of the show :-)

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LAB077 Apple Shoppe Chermside ~ hollah if U R Amerrrican!

LAB. You’ve waited YEARS for this podcast, and it has finally arrived… just like the brand spanking new Apple Shoppe, Chermside! :-)
. Yay, Brisbane finally has an Apple shope (that’s Apple Storrrre in Ameerican).
I got up at 4:30am to drive over and line up outside. It was fun, but highly weird and embarassing when the whole “USA! USA!” Apple-cheesiness hit.

oh, I got the free t-shirt too. But now, back to study for my exam on Monday, “Politics of International Law”. Aw… poopeeeee :-(

Click here now to listen and watch the ENHANCED podcast

PS- Mr B reckons Judge Judy earns $30 million a year! Can you believe that? I really think she is too big for her boots at times, and totally blows the bollocks out of some of her customers. Poor things.

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