LAB143 booby beaver birthday

Slightly special show to say happy birthday to Kim Beaver!
I am rushing home for breakfast at the moment, but then part 3 of the show is me, post-drug injections.

oh yeah, part 1 of this show will be tomorrow’s podcast.

thanks for your concern (Mark in Canadia), and to everyone else for listening.

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LAB091 blow me HD students (& Stefan)

LABDiscover yourself, at Stefan. The exciting you, with beautiful hair… I talk about last weekend and my bare-foot bowls birthday bash!
To halt the arrival of a portable air-con unit, I get a new ceiling fan installed for my Philippino wife… $389 later! 🙁
The last half of the show is recorded 1 day later, as I return from V1s moot meeting. I am feeling a bit despondent about how I have f*cked up my Uni experience, and possibly my chances at getting a decent job.

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(Podcast recorded in Mong-mongi over 16-17 December 2009)

*HD = High Distinction, or a grade of ‘7’ in other oz unis.

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LAB086 in Archerr’s footsteps?

LABHave I been suicidal, busy, or just podfading in my old age? Find out TODAY on the Little Aussie Battler podcast.

Just to wet your appetite, I talk about my upcoming marriage, the Korean boys, lonely old ladies, MENStration cycles, Xbox baru, old (literally) gay friends & the drama surrounding them.

thanks for downloading and listening. It may be summer, and I may be exhausted from 2009(?), but I appreciate you listening.

Lose weight now, click here

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LAB085 39point9

LAB-artwork085pkg This is part 2 of today’s recording. It was getting too long, and I know the podfather (and others) would not be happy with a long show.
I dunno what i talk about…. it is my last moments of being 39.

Don’t click Mario’s package, click here to listen now!

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LAB084 pot luck -part1

LAB My final day as a youngen 🙁 Had a great morning tea at the Dept of Salt today as everyone had to ‘bring a plate’. I also rant about power/energy consumption by my Koreans, as I put on my washing (in an LG front-loader of course).

listen here

part 2 will be later today.

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LAB083 40th weak begins

LABPre-recorded ‘live’ show (like the Fat One does), from Saturday. I let off some steam about the Vis moot feedback as I drive up the M1 and the ICB towards home.
Can anyone tell me WHY oh WHY I took on this massive project? If only I was German, so I could wrote proppa English like as if I was brung up propper two, like Kim Beava woz.

I remember back to the one and only (failed) party I held at my house once – for Eurovision 2006.

At least when I get home, I know that I have a lovely Christmas party (and tons of food) waiting for me. Or is it…
The cake kinda gave it away.

Here beginneth, my 40th birthday weak. Mid-life-crisis roll on baby!!

Click ‘ere to lis’en now, ya jammy dodgers

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