• G’day, and welcome to the Little Aussie Battler podcast! My name is Scotty, your host of the show, and I am a gay single Christian guy, studying Law and learning a bit of bahasa Indonesia.

    I’m coming to you from beautiful BrisVegas, Down Under! (aka Brisbane, Australia). Enjoy my personal journal/show...

  • LAB473 NYE -kinda belated

    Welcome to 2018 people. It is the 4th of January already, and we are off to walk my sweet doggy.

    Is life so much easier when you’re single? 😉

    Life: 2017 and now. Shall we reflect?
    The birds are really chirping today. Typical life in Australia. 🙂

    New Year’s Eve on TV was pretty pathetic – with 2 repeats of Sydney Harbour fireworks at 10:50pm & 11:50pm (delayed). Zzzzzzz. boring. And #goldenboy didn’t make it any better.

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    ps- recorded on 4/1/2018 in Brisbane

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    LAB472 MacBook Pro SUX

    The year is nearly over, and I am pumping out a show. No doubt you’ve been overloaded with 4 shows in 1 week – even though they spanned 3 months.

    It is HOT, and I’m taking my dog for a walk. 😀

    Remember how I bought a new MacBook Pro (touch bar) in May this year? Yes? Well, what a piece of junk it’s turned out to be. Nothing but problems!!

    Christmas is just 3 days away… what are you doing?
    I will be spending it on the Gold Coast, and in Brisbane. 🙂

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    PS- recorded on 23/12/2017

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    LAB471 lawyering at last

    General update on life in Brisbane. It should be very hot, being November, but it’s been quite lovely and mild. Yay.

    Update on the boyfriend, #goldenboy – who is away for work at the moment.

    I also fill you in my new (3 months ago) legal job. It is a bit challenging, that’s for sure.

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    PS- recorded on 10/11/17

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    LAB470 China holiday -part 3 Beijing

    Final part of my China holiday – around the streets of Beijing.

    It’s nice to be able to use a credit card for a change too. LOL

    I have done a few little tourist tours whilst here, and tried to avoid the polution of #Starbucks coffee shops.

    China is now so rich and so developed that it’s kinda getting a bit boring. None of the people culture you’re expecting to see is here now.
    Food is great.

    I also can’t get over how huge the government office buildings are. Just absolutely MASSIVE!

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    ps- recorded Sunday 22/10/2017

    Need I mention how annoying it is to see bloody Starbucks ruining sights with their shops?! (Not to mention shitty coffee)

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    LAB469 China 2017 -part 2 donkey burger

    par 2 of my Chinese holiday.

    Mostly I talk about The Great Wall of China!!


    it was so peaceful. so big. so long. so quiet.
    a truly memorable experience.
    Tipping for the tours was really annoying! America’s influence on the world 🙁


    Tomorrow, will be some Beijing sights.

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    ps- recorded on 20/10/17


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    LAB468 China 2017 -part 1

    part 1 of my China holiday, in October 2017.

    I start the holiday in Chongqing, a mega city of around 30 million people, built on hills/mountains on the side of 2 rivers.

    Then we go on to Chengdu – the Panda capital. They were so cute.

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    PS- recorded 19/10/2017 in Beijing, China

    by the river in Chongqing

    cute Panda having some lunch

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