LAB461 Sven does Donald Trump

Swedish backpacker

hottest news off the press, from the hottest of hot February cities. Crazy town hot people.

I have a new housemate. An international backpacker has moved in!
I have also follow Big Fatty’s television advice and discovered Donald Trump is basing his executive orders on it. #horrorofhorrors

depression: you’re standing in it. I have to say that it gets me down a little, to be at this age and still forced to house-share, just to afford a house. :-(

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Pride48: not sure I can wait another month or 2 just to hear of its demise/postponement/whatever.

ps- recorded 11/2/17

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One Response to “LAB461 Sven does Donald Trump”

  1. Kathy says:

    There you have a comment.

    I would suggest Pride 48 just have a meet & greet ~ no shows. Aren’t the shows the yards part about the entire trip?!?!?

    Anyway ~ I left you a comment. (:

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