LAB392 lamenting love in Latvia (Rīga) -pt 2

Part 2 of my Riga ramblings… well, nothing much to do with Riga or Latvia however.

Probably gets a bit more juicy / personal now. Thanks for listening.

Inspiration from Musing Mark, Brenda Boo & Wendy Naughty-Nanny

click here for the MP3

ps- recorded in Riga, on 18/11/13

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One Response to “LAB392 lamenting love in Latvia (Rīga) -pt 2”

  1. kathybacon says:

    I hope your time after your travels and ‘stuff’ are spent reflecting on how fortunate you are to have that opportunity.

    (: and how lucky we are to have the ability to instantly see where you are (: what you eat and who you are with.

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