LAB239 sudah selesai kelas-kelas

Yes, I have now finished ALL my teaching at University! Can you believe it? It went so fast, and now I feel a little sad.

“Long body, short legs”… any Homos out there know if the rumour is true? Let me know plz.

the end of my program looms, and I wonder if I should let them have it with both barrels!

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ps- recorded 9/6/2011

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One Response to “LAB239 sudah selesai kelas-kelas”

  1. Ben says:

    Congrats for getting through the teaching thing and hope you did well on your exam. 🙂

    The long body, short legs… I don’t know that there was a rumor about that… I do know when both are long that it usually means that someone’s well-endowed. Or big hands… not always true tho.

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