LAB101 damnations (thnx Mario)

LABFirst half of show is me driving home, talking about 3D movie screens & seeing Avatar again – with my cute Uni friend, Doug. Doug will be joining me on my upcoming trip to Bali, Java, Sulawesi in Indonesia!
On the way home I stop in at Coles to do some shopping, and have plonked some pix in here for you to see what an Aussie supermarket looks like. (yes, it’s an enhanced podcast). For some reason, Mario Lopez seems to be bringing visitors to my blog.
At the end of this episode I talk about my trip down to Surfer’s Paradise with Roy today (Tuesday). It was a nice day, but I had to nearly hit Roy to stop him splashing his cash to pay for everything! 🙂

*breaking news* 2 voiceletters received this week!

Click and listen here, but be warned, it is an Enhanced podcast

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3 Responses to “LAB101 damnations (thnx Mario)”

  1. I saw the pictures in the podcast!!!!

    So fess up, how many budgies have YOU smuggled?!

    A few of them by the looks of it!!!!


  2. glad u saw the pix steve.
    luckily, i don’t NEED to smuggle budgies in my togs! (speedos). 😉

  3. I can’t remember, but have you mentioned to your listeners how Australia is the only country in the world that eats its national symbol? I was most surprised when you said the Gold Coast is “full of Koreans”. I always thought it was full of Kiwis.

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