LAB086 in Archerr’s footsteps?

LABHave I been suicidal, busy, or just podfading in my old age? Find out TODAY on the Little Aussie Battler podcast.

Just to wet your appetite, I talk about my upcoming marriage, the Korean boys, lonely old ladies, MENStration cycles, Xbox baru, old (literally) gay friends & the drama surrounding them.

thanks for downloading and listening. It may be summer, and I may be exhausted from 2009(?), but I appreciate you listening.

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4 Responses to “LAB086 in Archerr’s footsteps?”

  1. kim beaver says:

    Don’t let people exploit you darling. That guy had no right to be poopy. Good riddance.
    I am glad that you team up with better people now 🙂

  2. Kim is right, that guy sounded like like an idiot. You were better off without him in your life using you like that.

    And please don’t podfade I love listening to your shows you may not appreciate it but they are very entertaining. And don’t let that be pressure to have to BE entertaining, just be yourself, that is what makes it so much fun to listen to.

    Take care

    Steve in the cold but sunny UK

  3. Scottie, proceed with caution with your room mate and beware becoming her gay husband. It’s a lose-lose situation. She needs to get out into world. Use tough love and set some boundaries with her. You’ll be doing her a favor.

  4. hi mark.
    yeah, i agree. it’s a tricky situation though.
    not sure how to get her to back off a little!! ?

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