• G’day, and welcome to the Little Aussie Battler podcast! My name is Scotty, your host of the show, and I am a gay single Christian guy, studying Law and learning a bit of bahasa Indonesia.

    I’m coming to you from beautiful BrisVegas, Down Under! (aka Brisbane, Australia). Enjoy my personal journal/show...

  • LAB407 140414 dog inspection

    Dept of Salt It is 14/4/14 today, celebrate the uniqueness (unless you’re American), then 4/14/14 means nothing.

    I am on my way to getting a cute loveable DOGGY! So soon I will have all my emotional needs – met. :-)

    Is Dr Wes a man-killer? Can you get a cat friendly dog?

    please click here to listen online or d/load MP3

    ps- recorded 14/4/14 :-)
    Here is a pic of a very HOT man I met in Indonesia once… I really liked him, but sadly (as is life) he didn’t like me. He wants a ‘daddy’, no actually he wants a grandpa! :-(

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    LAB406 Kapitan Amerika

    Winter Soldier
    I’ve been to see Captain America II tonight (much better than first one, which was crap).
    Helmet Cast tonight – I am scootering home. So join me as I share ‘something’ interesting, personal, revealing, sad, happy, or just plain boring. LOL

    I saw the Super Samoan tonight too. #meh :-(

    and double-meh, my hard drive on my Macbook pro has died! #seagate :-O

    click here for the MP3 file

    ps- recorded on 4/4/14

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    LAB405 House of Samøa

    Dept of Salt - mine Listen on double speed today!
    An update on my new job at the Department of Salt, Australia. It’s all going pretty damn goooood. :-)

    OH, and just went you (and I) both thought Super Samoan really DID hate me…. [there's an update].

    Sorry for the boring bits, whilst shopping for a birthday present. LOL

    click here for MP3 online, now

    ps- recorded on 1/3/14

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    LAB404 bash the gays, scooter to Sochi

    WINDY cast today…
    Put your hand on your heart and tell me, it’s not over, over oooo oooo oooo. Go Team USA!
    The winter olympics are here, in Sochi, and for some reason ‘killing dogs’ and ‘bashing gays’ didn’t make it onto the list of new sports. Guess they aren’t ONLY winter sports?

    Join me as I do a SCOOTERcast today, driving home. A bit of an update on my new job, and other random waffle. :-)

    Oh, and see SuperSamoan on the street. Get a bit depressed.

    click here for the mp3 file

    hauntingly beautiful: check out London Grammar.

    ps- recorded on 8 & 20/2/14, and I’ve had this sitting to upload since 19 Feb.

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    LAB403 day 2 of new career

    the end of day 2 of my induction at the Dept of Salt, and I’m getting to know a few people now. Needless to say there are some super HOT youngens there, and some old farts like me, and luckily not many annoying people. ;-)

    Still haven’t met any of the ‘real’ people that I’ll be working with, when I get put in my placement – tomorrow.
    Scary… what will I be doing? ? ? ? ? Who knows?

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    ps- recorded 4/2/2014

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    LAB402 new job startin

    You’ve waited a long time to hear this show, and here it is… my FIRST day in my amazing new CAREER [working for the Dept of Salt].

    Today was induction, so there’s still a lot of unanswered questions.
    In summary; it was a great day. AND I am sooooo thankful for this job – thank you Jesus :-)

    Leading up to this job, all I have done is EAT and get fatter :-( Meh. So much for being HOT when I started work.

    click here to listen online or d/l MP3

    ps- recorded 3/2/14

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