• Gโ€™day, and welcome to the Little Aussie Battler podcast! My name is Scotty, your host of the show, and I am a gay single Christian guy, studying Law and learning a bit of bahasa Indonesia.

    Iโ€™m coming to you from beautiful BrisVegas, Down Under! (aka Brisbane, Australia). Enjoy my personal journal/show...

  • LAB467 nine eleven & Golden Boy

    me-tram 201509
    We start out today, riding the train into Central Station. Choo Choo, all aboard for the Battler Express. ๐Ÿ™‚
    It’s the battler express – straight to my ‘new’ legal job at the Dept of Salt! Weeeeeeeee

    Part 2:
    after 2 weeks, I fill you in on legal life – so far. Very interesting indeed.
    It will take me a while to work out, a) what the hell I am doing, and b) if I can survive. ๐Ÿ™

    Part 3: #surprise
    2 very big and WONDERFUL surprises arrived in my email inbox on 1 September! Thank you Ms America. #kisskiss

    click here for the MP3 file or to listen online

    ps- recorded on 11/9/17 & 25/9/17

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    LAB466 love (not the name I’ll use)

    Winter Soldier
    Such a beautiful evening for walking the dog. Don’t you just love winter (even if it’s not at all cold)? Look at the clear blue sky. The birds are chirping. The moths are eating my winter woolies that I never get to wear. ๐Ÿ™
    Life is wonderful.
    God is good.

    A bit more of an update on my job – temporary promotion for 6 months.
    also, I think I got a speeding ticket today too. :'( Damn radars hidden on overpasses!
    Popped down to Melbourne and Geelong last weekend, for 4 days. I got to wear my real winter coat down there – because it was cold. (though not as cold as it often is)

    but wait, , , , GOOOOOD NEWS! [you will have to listen to find out what it is]

    click here to download or listen online

    ps- recorded 21/8/17

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    LAB465 goooood news Winter

    3D_me Java2011
    on this (not) chilly Winter’s day, come walk Alan with me.
    a little bit of traffic noise, but nothing like at my old house. Oh and some yapping dogs.

    I have an update on trying to sell my lovely Peugeot 208. Will be sad to see it go.

    I have some good news on the career front today! ๐Ÿ™‚
    very exciting! feeling positive.

    download mp3 or listen live here

    ps- recorded 7/8/17

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    LAB464 happy holidays 108F

    HatM in Budapest 2013

    HatM in Budapest 2013

    Join me on a happy holiday – to ROME!!
    Then I jump to the United Arab Emirates.
    I am on this crazy holiday to meet my parents, who are embarking on a 4 week cruise from Rome to Singapore. What is it with old people and cruising?! #bigfatty

    click here to download the MP3 or listen online

    ps- recorded on 17/5/17 & 18/5/17 and 6/6/17

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    LAB463 mega90s


    a bit of a chit chat about life, work, job applications, and a great concert I went to last night!

    MEGA 90s !!

    also, a listener comment from Fey Driver ๐Ÿ™‚

    click here to listen or download file

    ps- recorded on 25/3/17

    win GOLD AussieBum undies too!

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    LAB462 future friends

    Bunaken Island, sunset

    Bunaken Island, sunset

    2 days left of Summer – and gee those Autumnal blues are getting to me today.
    Well….. at least that is my excuse now – 3 days later.

    I do a lot of pondering about life, friends, work, love, houses, Pride48 and junk. [but mostly, bitching about work]
    Yep, it gets a bit depressing.
    Hope this doesn’t ruin your day!

    On a positive note, I do love living in my new neighbourhood ๐Ÿ™‚ LUV IT.

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    ps- recorded on 27/2/17

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