• G’day, and welcome to the Little Aussie Battler podcast! My name is Scotty, your host of the show, and I am a gay single Christian guy, studying Law and learning a bit of bahasa Indonesia.

    I’m coming to you from beautiful BrisVegas, Down Under! (aka Brisbane, Australia). Enjoy my personal journal/show...

  • LAB433 sprung in Spring

    HatM in Budapest 2013

    HatM in Budapest 2013

    (Don’t you love this photo of HatM?)

    Greetings foreigners, Spring has sprung, and I have a spring in my step today. (3 weeks into Spring, actually).
    Is it because I’m chatting to you kids? Yep :-)

    Some life updates, house updates, love updates, GrindR et al, greyhound updates, etc etc.

    and, I am super BROKE! :-(

    download or listen to MP3 file here

    ps- recorded 25/9/15

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    LAB432 reflections & trips

    Reflecting on the Kirby lecture; brilliant minds; useful people; contributers on a global scale…

    Doing some work travel too. So I talk about my recent trip to Shepparton, Victoria / and Melbourne.

    Update on house renovations etc. #expensive

    click here to listen or download mp3

    ps- recorded 13/9/15
    me-tram 201509

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    LAB431 Kirby vac.

    ozFlag-200 This podcast could be in memory of the Fey Driver, and his $20,000 vacuum cleaner. But it’s not!
    :-) Instead, I have recorded the following lecture I had the honour to attend this week!

    2015 Michael Whincop Memorial Lecture
    ‘Marriage Equality’
    speaker: Hon Michael Kirby (former High Court Judge)

    click here for MP3 file

    ps- recorded 10/09/15

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    LAB430 cut off

    pride48_vegassign Pride48 is happening NOW! Sadly, I am not there.
    Since bloody when did it become the LAST EVER VEGAS event?! :-(
    Doing some work travel for Dept of Salt lately: which is nice.

    Anyway, why am I podcasting? What did I used to talk about? And why can’t I be arsed to do it these days? Mental health?
    WAS ‘podcasting’ the answer?
    …well, this show gets cut off suddenly for some unkown reason! Urgh, bloody Apple. I had another 20min of great content too. #pissedoff

    click here to download MP3 or listen online

    ps- recorded 31/8/15

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    LAB429 house Renos & 25 years

    I ‘celebrate’ 25 years today. Or, I should say that I ‘remember’ 25 long years. A bit sadsies :-(

    In other news; I fill you all in on what’s happening with my house, and renovations (repairs), landscaping, etc etc.
    Pride48 “expo” is happening from today. Wish I could be there…. damn living in Australia. IF ONLY I could complain about spending $300 to fly to Vegas: as many Americans are doing recently. :-\ Try $1200-$1800 for a flight.

    Seriously going broke -> trying to repair my house, so I can sell it. Sheesh. But I am super thankful for amazing dedicated long-term Christian friends (who volunteered hard labour to help me landscape)! <3 To download or listen online to MP3 click here
    ps- recorded Wednesday 26/8/15 :( Dedicated to my brother.
    LAB-artwork James

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    LAB428 Canadians coming to Oz

    Fey Sailor
    Join me as I take big boy Alan for a walk around the suburb on this fine Winter’s day…

    Updates on life, work, travel, house renovations, house prices in Brisbane (shocking)…
    Oh, and international podcasting superstars who are coming to Australia (with their husband and dog)! #excitingnews

    click here to listen or download MP3

    Apologies again, for Apple’s shitty microphone headphones, that constantly rubs against clothing and makes little clicking noises. :(

    ps- recorded 13/7/2015

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