• G’day, and welcome to the Little Aussie Battler podcast! My name is Scotty, your host of the show, and I am a gay single Christian guy, studying Law and learning a bit of bahasa Indonesia.

    I’m coming to you from beautiful BrisVegas, Down Under! (aka Brisbane, Australia). Enjoy my personal journal/show...

  • LAB446 still alive + Sydney Mardi Gras

    Chicago pride black fella
    Yeah, have recorded this only today, and am now uploading it. #win
    Today is Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – or is it? Well, I guess we can’t say ‘gay and lesbian’ anymore: 1. gays can’t be first, and 2. what about the BTQI communities? #fail

    anyway, this is an update on my dirty potty hole, and life, and work, and love. (yep ‘love’ will be short update) #failagain

    oh oh and some listener feedback!!!!! :-) #winwinwin

    click here for MP3 file or listen now

    ps- recorded on 5/3/16

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    LAB445 diseased dirty whore Battler :(

    O M Gosh, I have obviously been a dirty little whore… cuz I am festering from all orifices. #gross

    Anyway, some updates on life, my greyhound dog, Canadian roomie, and drugs.
    Oh, and of course, harking back to my wild crazy SEX in Indonesia, May 2015!

    Thanks for listening.

    click here to listen or download the MP3 file

    ps- recorded 12/2/16 almost Valentine’s Day :(

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    LAB444 V Day – Victoria

    John Ong in KL
    Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and so I have jetted down to Melbourne – to escape the torture, the pain, the HORROR of another V.Day alone in Brisbane.

    ok – actually it is a work trip. LOL

    Quick show; because I had to rush off to meet friends.

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    ps- recorded on 10/2/16

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    LAB443 Kathy Bacon bubbles

    Kuta beach, Lombok
    so, I kinda sound like a broken record here, as I blab on a bit about my new roomie – just like in last episode. Eek. Sorry.
    I am sure that I say something new though… so please stay tuned.

    Work is busy and I’m getting a bit stressed. Also have some more work trips coming up.

    Some (vague) news about trying to sell my house. Urgh; it’s taking forever.

    oh… and what about my LOVE LIFE?! :-O #yeahbaby #indonesianhottie

    click here for MP3 or to listen online, OK

    Somebody… please stop Kathy Bacon popping those damn bubbles!

    ps- recorded on 22/1/16

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    LAB442 Oh Canada it’s 2016

    Indo hunk
    Christmas and NYE review – filled with DRAMA this year in my family;
    mum, dad, nana
    my brother’s partner to hospital.
    NEW exciting news, is my recently arrived Canadian housemate! :-O
    I have also now found out my ‘new’ permanent team for 2016. Yay.

    click here for the MP3 or to listen online

    ps- recorded on 7/1/16

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    LAB441 gettin’ real, part 2 Xmas message

    Mario Lopez Hottest Bachelor 4
    part 2, am now back from my worktrip to Canberra…
    Alan news, and it aint pretty!
    Poor Alan – feel so sad for him lately. :(

    Next week (actually this week, now), I am going on another trip for work. 2 nights, 2.5 days. Ballarat and Melbourne, Victoria.

    House / real estate agent curfuffle (i.e. I am pissed off). I found 4 quite good properties on the weekend, but which one to put an offer on?! I am soooooo bad with decision making. urgh.

    End with a Christmas message to all the gays, and those with loopey ‘Christian’ religious families! #serioustime

    clik hear four the MP3 file ore too listen

    ps- recorded 14/12/15

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